10 Benefits of  Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera when consumed as a syrup can reduce the symptoms of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease  (GERD) like heartburn, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.


Aloe vera  helps in cleaning our digestive system by helping in the movement of bowels, preventing constipation. 


Drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach can help to detoxify the body and cleanse the digestive system. 


Aloe vera is a powerful ingredient in mouthwash. It helps to reduce plaque, gum swelling, and bleeding. It also fights bacteria to prevent oral infections. 


Aloe vera can lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, preventing diabetes and heart problems. It can also regulate your blood pressure and improve your blood circulation. 


Aloe vera can hydrate and nourish your skin, making it soft and smooth. It also helps to reduce acne, scars, and wrinkles.


Applying topical aloe vera gel can the face  can slow aging of the skin. 


Aloe vera can boost your immune system and fight infections. It has antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that can protect you from various diseases.


Aloe vera can enhance your hair and scalp health. It can moisturize your hair, prevent dandruff, and stimulate hair growth.


Coating certain fruits and vegetables with aloe vera gel increases their shelf life .