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TheBaghStore nursery near me is the perfect place to find a variety of indoor plants. We are very proud of our excellent customer service and love helping our customers create their dream gardens at home.
Nature has always been a source of beauty and happiness for us. That’s why we think that our contemporary homes need the touch of plants, scents and tranquility that make them more welcoming and comfortable.

What sets our Nursery near me apart?

TheBaghStore Nursery near me boasts over 20 years of expertise in the home gardening sector. Our nursery provides a vast selection of homegrown houseplants and herbs for your indoor gardening requirements. We also give guidance and suggestions to our esteemed customers on how to enhance the appearance of their home gardens.

We are Located Here

Need help or advice? Give us a call at +91 8296809959.We are open Mon-Sat 10 am – 9 pm.

What We Offer?

Indoor Plants (104)

Hoya Plants (14)

Tall Plants (34)

Lucky Bamboo Plants (3)

Herbs Plants (12)

Medicinal Plants (13)

From Happy Plant Parents

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