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Decorate your home with our rare plants. Carefully handpicked and delivered from our house to your house. Shop Now buy plants online india


Be it Air Purifying, Stress Busters or Plants that Bring a Smile to your Face - Plants are Essential to a Healthy Lifestyle. Choose from a wide variety of Plants that require Low Maintanence, are able to flourish in Low Light, or simply look dazzling on your Table Top. You select, We deliver, and Happiness is guaranteed.
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Welcome To TheBaghStore, Buy Indoor Plants Online in Bangalore

TheBaghStore is Bangalore’s most trusted online plant nursery that specialises in all your gardening needs. We sells premium quality exotic indoor plants, tall plants, hoya plants and succulents . The platform guarantees same day delivery of fresh and healthy plants with eco-friendly packaging.

We value healthy plants and take great pride in our outstanding customer service and enjoy assisting our customers in designing their ideal gardens at home.

Why Buy Plants Online in Bangalore at TheBaghStore?

Discover a diverse selection of live plants available online at TheBaghStore in Bangalore. Whether you’re interested in indoor plants, succulent plants, medical plants, or low-maintenance plants, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our nursery plants come with the convenience of free same-day delivery within Bangalore.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who trust TheBaghStore for their indoor plant needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that when you shop plants online in Bangalore with us, you’ll receive top-notch products at competitive prices. Transform your home into a green oasis with TheBaghStore’s delightful plant collection!

How Important is Gardening in Bangalore?

Beautify Your Urban Space with Greenery: Gardening brings a refreshing touch of green to your home, especially in the bustling city of Bangalore. By incorporating live plants in Bangalore, you not only beautify your living space but also establish a deeper connection with nature. Whether it’s your cozy balcony or spacious living room, consider adding indoor plants online in Bangalore to elevate your urban abode.

Stress Relief and Productivity Boost: Plants offer more than just aesthetics—they contribute to your overall well-being. Scientific studies reveal that simply gazing at plants reduces stress levels and enhances concentration. For an affordable mood lift, consider adding buy cheap plants in Bangalore to your office or study room.

Air-Purifying Benefits: Snake plants (Sansevieria) are renowned for their air-purifying properties. These hardy plants not only add visual appeal but also filter indoor air, promoting a healthier environment. Whether indoors or outdoors, invest in air purifying plants to create a fresher, more invigorating atmosphere.

FAQ About Plants Online in Bangalore

Where can I buy plants online in Bangalore?

You can buy a wide variety of indoor plants online in Bangalore from, We offer a diverse range of plants suitable for indoor conditions and provide plants delivery in bangalore.

How long does it take to deliver plants in Bangalore?

Thebaghstore provides same day delivery  in Bangalore so your plants can reach you just after ordering them.

Are the plants from TheBaghStore of good quality?

Yes, We carefully hand pick each plant and check for its quality before packing and delivering to your homes.

Can I buy indoor plants in Bangalore?

You can get indoor plants in Bangalore from Thebaghstore. We have a wide variety of indoor plants such as hoya plants, rare plants, anthuriums, philodendrons, herb plants , hanging plants online in Bangalore, etc.

Will the Plants, remain Safe in transit?

Yes, the plants reach you in the safest possible condition. We carefully package the plants with utmost care and send through the best and fastest delivery partners.