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Aglaonema Pink ,Suksom Jaipong, Small – Plant


Areca Palm – Indoor Plant


Black ZZ Plant


Broken Heart Philodendron , Monstera Adansonii – Plant


Hedera Helix/ English Ivy – Plant


Monstera Deliciosa, Medium – Plant


Monstera Deliciosa, Small – Plant


Philodendron Melanochrysum – Plant


Philodendron Pink Princess – Plant


Rubber Plant | Rubber Tree | Ficus Elastica


Yellow Orchid Plant | Dendrobium


ZZ Plant | Zanzibar Gem | Zamioculcas Zamiifolia


Asplenium Nidus | Cobra Fern Plant


Broken Heart, Monstera Adansonii Plant


Calathea Roseopicta Dottie Plant


Dendrobium Orchid – Plant

Diffenbachia Seguine, Dumbcane Plant – 4ft


Dried Flowers Bouquet


Jade Bonsai Plant


Money Plant Marble Queen Pothos – Plant


Philodendron Selloum Gold Plant


Pink Orchid Plant | Dendrobium


Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant, Ficus elastica (Tineke)


Stromanthe Sanguinea Triostar, Calathea Triostar – Plant


Low Light Plants are an extremely popular choice of plants for homes and offices that do not receive an ample amount of sunlight. They are one of the most preferred indoor plants for office. These plants thrive in any environment due to their adaptability to low-light conditions. They are easy to care for plants.

People nowadays search for plants that grow in the dark, tall indoor plants low light, or indoor flowering plants low light because they add an aesthetic to your homes and offices without much care. Sometimes people confuse up between plants that grow in the dark and low light plants and indoor shade plants. All the indoor shade plants are not low light plants, but plants that grow in the dark do not require sunlight at all to thrive.

If you are looking to add beautiful and rare low light plants with the best price ranges in your home, then The BaghStore is the best place for you to get them. Order these beautiful low light indoor plants for your house or offices or gift them to your friends and family as gifts.

Buy Low Light Indoor Plants Online in India for Your Home
Low light plants have a unique appearance with a wide variety of species of plants, like low light indoor hanging plants, small indoor plants low light, tall indoor plants low light, and indoor flowering plants low light. They can cope easily with low lighting conditions that make them a great addition to your home and office that do not receive plenty on sunlight.

Order Low Light Indoor Plants Online in India from The BaghStore
Apart from Low Light Indoor Plants, The BaghStore also provides you with various options to choose from a wide range of plants and herbs. Our team is highly dedicated and will ensure that your online houseplants orders are delivered promptly and safely at your home.
Some of the low light plants are ZZ plant, Money plant etc