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Asparagus asparagoides, Bridal Veil creeper – Hanging Plant


Callisia Repens Hanging Plant, 7 inch Hanging Pot


Ceropegia Woodii | String of Hearts – 4 inch Full Pot


Dischidia Nummularia | String of Nickels

2,699 2,499

Hanging Jade Plant Variegated


Hoya Carnosa, Hindu Rope Plant


Hoya Compacta / Variegated Hindu Rope


Marble Prince Money Plant N Joy

350 320

Money Plant Marble Queen Pothos – Plant


Rhoeo Golden, Rhoeo Spathacea Sitara Gold Plant


Rhoeo Plant, Moses in the cradle – Plant


String of Dolphins | Dolphin Plant


String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii – 4 inch Pot


String of Hearts | Ceropegia Woodii – 6 inch Pot


String of Hearts Plant | Ceropegia Woodii


String of Pearls | Succulent Plant – 6 inch Full Pot


String of Turtles | Peperomia Prostrata

1,799 1,499

String of Watermelon


Tradescantia Wandering Jew Pink


Triolena Pileoides Hanging Plant


Variegated String of Hearts


Variegated String of Pearls | Senecio Rawleyanus


Water Plants – Golden Pothos

349 199

Water Plants – Money Plant

349 199

Hanging plants are primarily decorative plants around homes and other structures. They allow homes with limited garden space to still be able to enjoy plantation or gardening have fresh-grown living plants and flowering plants. There are hanging plants not just for the balcony buy also used as indoor plants. They are mostly low light pants and don’t required to be watered daily. A place with hanging pots or other pots for gardening accommodates a special charm.
Benefits of hanging planters:
1. Add beauty to your space.
2. Indoor Plants boost psychological and physical wellness of occupants.
3. Certain specific plants reduce dust particles present in the air.
4. Promotes a healthy environment by controlling the humidity.
5. Hanging plants can help in Stress Reduction
6. Doesn’t require occupying much space.
Some of the best hanging plants for home:
1. Dishchidia Nummularia | String of Nickles
2. Money plant
3. Boston fern
4. Broken heart – Monstera Adasonii
5. Nanouk
6. Callisia Repens Hanging Plant 7. Wandering Jew
Some of the Best Plants for Hanging Pots delivering in Bangalore only:
1. Hanging Jade
2. Asparagus Asparagoides
3. Rhoeo Golden or Sitara Gold Plant
4. Rhoeo Plant , Moses in the cradle – Plant
We also have a variety of Hanging Succulent Plants like String of Pearls, String of Hearts, String of Watermelon, String of Dolphins, String of Tears, etc.
Come shop at our online garden store to find some of the the best indoor hanging plants.